Buzz about MR. MARMALADE is building!

Our January 27th fundraiser for Mr. Marmalade was a huge success! We got to hang out with a bunch of friends, we took a bunch of photos at our themed photo booth, and we raffled off some awesome prizes to some very lucky winners. We raised over $1600 to ensure that all of Mr. M.'s production needs will be met and that the Production Wing will be able to supply full support behind the scenes. A big thank you to our community for showing up and giving support, to Pete and Suzie Gardner for so generously hosting an exciting evening, and to our Outreach Director, Summer Slim, and Producer, Pilar Holland, for making sure that everything went off without a hitch. We are enormously grateful for all of the support we receive, and we can't wait to give back to our audiences with the hilarious and moving show that's taking shape in rehearsal.

Speaking of ... tickets are on sale for Mr. Marmalade starting Tuesday, January 30th! We open on March 2nd, so you'll only have a month to claim your seat and tell everyone you know to get while the getting's good! Tickets are $20 online, compared to $25 at the door, so save yourself some time, worry, and cash, and book your seat ASAP. You can claim your reservation now by visiting or clicking right here!

More exciting news coming soon!