Our Mission Statement

The SRS Production Wing aims to foster a culture of professional production among the actors of Stuart Rogers’ Studios. By offering community infrastructure and volunteer support, the SRS Production Wing empowers Studio members to produce compelling work that exemplifies the Studio’s creative spirit, tireless work ethic, and reckless optimism. The SRS Production Wing offers multiple avenues of self-production for the stage, seeking to facilitate experience-based education alongside an aspiration for meaningful professional impact in the Los Angeles area. This mission includes an ambition to build upon the legacy of Theatre Tribe as a nationwide hallmark of production quality. As a growing company, we envision a future wherein the SRS Production Wing engages, challenges, and proudly represents its communities under the banner of high-quality, fully produced, and sustainable theatre.

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A Brief History

The SRS Production Wing began as a limited collaboration between like-minded artists at Stuart Rogers' Studios in 2014. Drawing upon the breadth of experience within the Studio and the proud legacy of Theatre Tribe, these Los Angeles-based actors began to stage one acts, short plays, and original works, coming together as an artistic community to stage manage, assemble sets, program lights, and design sound. By 2015, these self-produced collectives began to stage full-length plays, which found bigger and bigger audiences in their North Hollywood home. The five-member SRS Production Wing Board was established in 2017 to streamline the production process and launch the next phase of professional production on the stages of Stuart Rogers' Studios and the Raven Playhouse. Along with the launch of their inaugural 2017-2018 Season, the SRS Production Wing also organizes staged readings, new work cultivation, 24-hour play festivals, 48-hour film festivals, film screenings, and fundraisers.